Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Glimpse Into My 2016

The year 2016 can be compared to the fastest thing on earth. As a teacher, the Lord's servant, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a colleague, a neighbor, a stranger to those who don't know me, or even a human being, I have gone through a lot of circumstances in every aspect of myself. It was like a bungee jumping ride from a 100-story building. In the beginning, I almost gave up, but with His sustaining grace and through Him, I was able to find my refuge and hiding place. Well, if I was the same person I was before and I went through those, I might have been a worst-case now. I thank only Him for the level of faith I have. Through His Word, I was able to gain better and brighter perspectives despite the unrelenting events in that I got myself involved. In fact, through the challenges, I gained a better way to handle things.
 I, therefore, came up with the rationale that God allows these terrible situations in our life because he has a greater reason and lesson for us to unfold. No matter how difficult it is because we are just humans who are imperfect, His empowerment and grace will always be sufficient and in His perfect time, everything will be well again.
Though it passed by so swiftly, it left some marks that would make it somehow indelible. It has this distinctive feature that I could easily distinguish it from other previous years.
Our response really matters because it would determine the path that we are going on. At first, I thought the situations were similar to those of last year, yet I realized that they are heavier and of a higher level. Then I finally concluded that maybe He is preparing for an increase in my life, so I need to face each of them with endurance and another level of faith. Eventually, those vague situations finally attained clarity. Anger changed to understanding. Disappointments became hope. Though there were unfilled gaps, He revealed through His Word that I should not give up on reaching out, most especially in showing His love to them and to everyone.

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