Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Ep. 10

 God be praised for Our Secret Place Online! It has always been the mouthpiece of my clouded mind and stuffy heart. This is just day one, yet it is so full of the truth that hurts, but really matters and enlightens.

Photo credits to Our Secret Place Online
Big things! Important!!!!

1. "Things of God" can overshadow God Himself. 

2. Knowledge had replaced wonder.

3. Ministry had replaced intimacy.

4. Ambition for the kingdom had replaced the passion for the King.

5. Relationship with church and religion replaced your own personal day-to-day relationship with God.

6. Do you know that you can be the most anointed, most accomplished, most influential Christian in the kingdom and yet totally miss God?

7. The crowds followed Jesus. They loved the things He did and the things He could do but only a few really knew and loved Him for who He really was.

8. We think that the evidence of the hand of God is in the crowds and our works but it isn't.  It's in our INTIMACY. The real fruit and reward are more of Jesus Himself!

9. Fight to keep fixing your eyes on the person of JESUS. 

10. Be a friend of God. We can have a relationship with God but not an intimate one. He loves us and He longs for that intimacy.

11. WE BECAME CHRISTIANS BECAUSE WE FELL IN LOVE. DON'T NEGLECT YOUR FIRST LOVE. Let us fall in love with our first love all over again.

12. When everything else exciting about Christianity is stripped away except your relationship with God, your fire burns with passion for your FIRST LOVE.

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