Sunday, July 23, 2023

Scenario Four

 Time has passed. I think time indeed has the power to let all things fade away. 

Things weren't what they used to be. 

I went to that place. I sat on one of the benches where I used to watch you play. Not too far from where I was sitting, a crowd was encircling someone. So that was where the music was coming from. It seemed like it was the last song because the crowd dispersed by and by. Then right there, I was able to see who was playing. My heart almost stopped when I saw who it was. The surge of heavy emotions dawned on me. I could feel my tears starting to swell. It felt like the past has been poured out all over me. I could not even stare straight at you. You finished packing all your things and went on your way. You were gradually fading from my view.  This was a painful sight to me. Just seeing you. Just looking at you. Just watching you walk away.

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