Thursday, June 01, 2023

Scenario Three

She was sitting at the same spot they usually sit when they go to this cafe. She was waiting for her another cup of coffee. He was running late because he got to go to an urgent appointment. 

The cafe is on the rooftop of a 15-story hotel. It is an al fresco setting but not the typical one. Each table is situated in the middle of a maze.  They are a regular in this cafe, in fact, he is a close friend of the owner. The chimes sounded which means someone arrived and entered the cafe. That's him. With a furrowed forehead and a smug, he went directly to her and greeted her. She seemed unfazed by his facial expression and it seemed that she already knew what was going on. 

"I got the job in Australia. I have to fly in a month. The company is sending me my flight schedule next week." 

She just looked at him and listened. 

"Why it has to be in another country? Why do I have to leave? Aren't you gonna ask me those questions? Will you just let me go like that? It is hard for me to leave because I don't want you to be apart from me. I have never seen us coming when I made this decision. And it seems that you are not even bothered that we will be away from each other for some time." He was expecting a word from her and not a single word came out of her. He just sat down feeling defeated.

 She sighed and turned to face him. 

"I know it's frustrating that you couldn't see any restraint from me like you have been expecting all these times. I just can't and I chose not to. I have made this clear to you from the very beginning. Your plans are your plans, mine is mine, too. You, leaving has been decided even before we got together. You, going there and living the life you have prayed and dreamt for yourself is just proper and something that I can respect. It was hard for me to process as well,.........(a long pause,) but I couldn't be an obstacle to what God has planned for you. If it takes for you to go and for us to be apart if that is what He entails us to do at the moment, then who I am, or are we to disobey?" Her voice cracked then there she ducked her head and sobbed.

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