Monday, January 02, 2023

The Many Faces of Courage

What does it take to be courageous?

Is it by overcoming fear or not having fear at all? 

Is it by winning a battle or accepting defeat? 

Is it by letting go of something or someone? 

Is it fighting for something or someone? 

Is it by facing the consequence of your wrongdoing or standing up for yourself? 

Is it by having a companion or by being alone? 

Is it by accepting dependence or venturing into independence? 

Is it by repelling or embracing change?  

Is it standing strong in the midst of invasion?

Is it by staying on your ground or discovering new ground?

There can be a lot of instances. However, the act of being brave in life-threatening situations is usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of courage. Courage entails doing what is right and virtuous, even when it is difficult. Courage can manifest in various ways. Some examples of courage in daily life would include the courage to always do whatever is right, the courage to acknowledge that some life choices may give rise to a lack of credibility, and the courage to optimize oneself even if challenging.

Certainly, courage is not only manifested by the absence of fear. Courage can be trying something we've never tried before, creating something we've never seen before, to fundamentally alter the way we've always done things. Courage to change something that hasn't changed in a long time. 

That was the word that God put in my heart when 2022 started. As the year began, like every other year that passed, it felt like you were driving in zero visibility. What is ahead is uncertain and treacherous until you received what God has directed you to do. God directed me to take on 2022 with courage. At first, I was wondering in which area of my life will he teach me to be courageous. Indeed, in 2022, I took the time to seize God's promises. I opened myself to great conquests and victories, daring faith and testimonies! I labored through life to break free from the things that have limited and held me back, the year where I walked in Jesus' confidence and authority.

I took initiative.

I let God take over.


Now that 2022 ended, I fully grasp what God made me learn by being COURAGEOUS. No physical wounds, no bloodshed. The journey with courage was all about FREEING thyself from all the things that obstruct God in maximizing the potential He sees in me. He showed me the beautiful path of FORGIVENESS AND HUMILITY. When I went through my readings, I came across Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife by Rebecca Perkins, and how she defined courage has somehow encapsulated what I have experienced with courage this year. 

Courage is SAYING SORRY. Courage is knowing when to say ‘enough’. Courage is saying I love you. Courage is saying yes. Courage is SAYING NO. Courage is being truthful with oneself. Courage is KNOWING WE SCREWED UP. Courage is admitting we can’t cope alone. Courage is LETTING GO. Courage is reaching out. Courage is standing up for something we believe in. Courage is burning our boats and never going back. Courage is doing something new. Courage is being willing to receive. Courage is TRUSTING SOMEONE AGAIN. Courage is choosing love over fear. Courage is standing up for oneself. Courage is choosing to truly live. Courage is learning to love again. Courage is believing in oneself for the first time. Courage is being vulnerable. Courage is breaking with tradition. Courage is ASKING FOR HELP. Courage is stopping to rest. Courage is letting the tears flow. Courage is continuing through adversity. Courage is trusting that all will be well. 

And finally, being courageous has made me realize the fact that I have to stop steering the wheel of my life and let His will and purposes take over, no matter where He leads me, I'll just be courageous, trust Him and follow. Let God be the author. Let God be the director. Let God be the light. Let God be the potter. Let God be the gardener. Though it would take a profound level of understanding of His faithfulness and goodness. Just let God be God. With this perspective, I enter this new year with overflowing joy in my heart, love that never ceases, the peace that passes all understanding, and the hope of GREATER DEPTHS AND HEIGHTS for the GLORY of HIS MIGHTY NAME!

*An expounded version will be posted soon.

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