Sunday, February 28, 2021


 Does love really come to those who wait? Is love worth waiting for? When will be the right time? How would you know it is the right time?

In order to find the answer, a lot of people would rely on zodiac signs and compatibility charts. Some would even desperately consult a fortune-teller. Is the perfect time written in the stars? Or is it read on the cards? Will I find it after going through a lot of relationships? Will it come when I am eighteen? 

This is where Ecclesiastes 3 would come in. There is a time for everything. A time to love. 

The right time does not surely correspond to a certain age. There is no generic timeline for everyone. Every person has a certain season in life and the same goes for love. For others, waiting could be longer compared to some. Every waiting season is a course to take. One must know that the path could be tricky and it's never easy. It could be painful at times. It is definitely a test of character and faith.  It could even measure your confidence in God. It would crowd your mind with questions. Questions that don't have answers. It even clearly shows you a gazillion of reasons to give up. With all these, it absolutely needs God's grace. A lot of it. It needs a heart that is full of courage and obedience, and a mind that is armed with discernment. It could also mean total surrender to God. When we let God, hope comes in and grace abounds. No matter how long. No matter how painful. No matter how difficult. The fact that you are absolutely confident that His faithfulness is unfailing and His grace is sufficient, is enough.  Through that unperturbed confidence, worship and service will be easy. Peace will keep you afloat above all else. So, when? Well, only God knows the timeline and finish line. He has all the answers for the reason that He is the one that writes and orchestrates everything according to His perfect plan.

Today, one timeline has been filled in. Theirs has been rough but was been blessed by God.

To my dearest Belot, 

The wonders of WAITING were such a great bond that made us really close to each other. Well, it still does. Looking back, we could spend the whole day talking about it. John Waller’s “While I’m Waiting” and Corrinne May’s “Everything in Its Time” were such great anthems. We could drown ourselves in the possibilities, yet through and through hope would envelop us and keep us going.

I have seen how some strings of your patience snapped and broke, which left you in tears and with just a little devastation. I won’t get into the details of them all. Right now, I just want to virtually celebrate how God has been so good in your life. Yes, there were knotted parts in the middle, which were hurtful, yet God has never left you there and been stuck. It has always been part of His great plan.

You and Tawi together were not a surprise to me from the very start. I might have been a part of it, in little ways. Way back when you were still friends, and just a text and call away, I see how happy you were each time you talk to him. Well, you’re friends. Yet, the way he makes your day so lightened up, which you might haven’t noticed at the very beginning was something that made me wonder: How about these two end up together? There were those times when I already noticed that your virtual closeness seemed odd already. There I started praying for you and mindlessly, I was actually lifting you two up to God.  GOD BE PRAISED for He answers our prayer in His most mysterious and wonderful ways. I pray that you will continually seek and honor him as you enter and embrace the rightful duties of being a wife to your husband. I pray that you continue to strive to become a Proverbs 31 woman. Remember that you are worthy of God’s grace. Remember always that you were His, first and He is your first, before and above anyone and anything else.

As you become a married couple, take everything step by step. Never hesitate to take counsel from your spiritual mentors, most especially from God. Be more gracious and patient with each other as you always are.

My heart will be there with you on your wedding day. It pains me not to see you, two, in union with God, yet know that I am always here backing you up with my prayers.

I am greatly blessed to have known both of you, and I am very happy about these wonderful milestones in your life.


Always & Forever

Your Ate AIZA

God is never too late. He is too wise to be mistaken. Trust God's heart in the season of waiting.

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