Friday, May 20, 2022


 I was often asked if I had imagined myself being in a relationship with you. Others would even tell me to go ahead and confess. I would always tell them that my admiration for you is in a different sense only I understand. Thank you for being the channel of God’s comfort and peace to my life in this world. You didn’t have the idea, but you have saved me so many times. I have always been thankful to God for your life and for letting me meet such a wonderful soul like you. That is enough for me. You have been there for more than a decade now. Yes, we could be soul mates. We were meant to meet, but we’re not made for each other. Yes, I have cried so much to Him about you. For Him to keep you safe and healthy.  For Him to draw you back to Him. For Him to guide and bless you. For Him to fill in the missing pieces in your life.

Now, I have seen you achieve some of your milestones and I am grateful to God. For sure your journey was not easy.

 Always chase the will of God for you. Continue to possess that heart that beats for God and for His people. Always be happy. And may God bless you in whatever endeavor you are in now. 

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