Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Ep. 11

 Worry... oftentimes it is mistakenly thought of as a normal part of a human experience. However, if it is, then why did God, as stated in Matthew 6, command us not to worry? 

I, myself, used to worry so much. As it was mentioned worrying is considered disobedience to God's command. It also shows that we lack faith and we doubt God's power and goodness. 

If He was able to provide food, shelter, and clothing to His other creations, what more He can do for us as His most beloved creations. 

In this life as we continue to thrive, there will always be challenges from left to right. Our relationship with God is definite leverage amongst us. As what was mentioned in the sermon, What can save us is not our religion, but our relationship with God. That says a lot for sure. It is not the knowledge that we have, nor the material things that we own, nor the position or profession we possess, but the INTIMACY that we have with the Lord.

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