Sunday, July 03, 2022

Ep. 8


Sunday morning, I was in a taxi going to the flower shop to pick up some flowers for the church when I received an IG message from a coffee shop saying that I had won a whole cake and could claim it from their cafe. I was like "Huh?!" How? What?! The whole cake?! Why?! The thought of it made me smile and wonder. Then the afternoon came, I went there and showed them the message I received as what they instructed me to do. I can't help but ask, "How did I qualify for such a prize? Then the staff who was the owner's sister told me to just read the note later. When the cake arrived, the other staff handed it to me and said, "Here's your cake, Ma'am, Happy birthday!"

Then it dawned on me. I read the note as soon as I received it and figured out what was happening. Haha! Amazing! I was entirely sold on the idea that I really won a promotion, maybe. Hahaha. Plot twist... it was ordered for me by the girl who sails on the European seas and oceans. Wow, you got me big time! Thank you for such a sweet surprise, my dearest. You're the best! I love you so Matcha! Keep on sailing! See you soonest!

@mangkapita Thanks for making it happen for @sharmainehermo Strawberry Moist Cake is the best!!!

God bless everyone!

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