Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Scenario One

 Homesickness started to creep in. It has been four months since he arrived in Verona. It seems like he wanted to see someone so bad. Since it is Saturday, it is a good time to talk to everyone in PH. First, he called his family, he had a great talk with them. When he ended the video call, nothing was changed in the way he felt, he was happy though, yet the happiness he felt was not enough to relieve that weird feeling. He made a group video call next. Again, it was fun talking to them and when it finally ended, still nothing’s changed. This time, he became restless. He couldn’t figure out what’s happening. Finally, he decided to video call his best friend. She picked up and they talked. He was happily talking to her. After half an hour of talking, his best friend asked permission to hang up first because of an appointment. They ended the call. He reclined on the couch while letting out a deep sigh. He seemed out of breath. He tried to close his eyes for a moment.

After a while, he sat back up and sent a message to one of his close friends. He confessed what he really felt and the reason why he insisted to have an unscheduled talk with them. “Jeff, I am getting restless. I was never like this before until today. I already called everybody. However, I feel the same.” Mike explained.

“Mike, I think this is not about you missing us. Not even your family. Remember when you were at the airport, you were double-checking all your stuff and we even got a little pissed because you were taking the time as if you were still waiting for someone to arrive. And when you were entering the boarding gate, you were glancing back a lot of times. I think you should have done what we told you to do before you left.” Jeff replied. “Mike, I think now, what you can do is send her a message. By the way, I saw her with her friends at the mall the other day. She seemed different. She looked sick.” Jeff added.

When Mike heard the last word, he felt a painful thud in his heart. He could only respond “Okay, Bro. Thanks.” Then he ended the call.

He stood up and paced back and forth as if someone’s in labor. He stopped, sat, rested his back on the couch, and tried to close his eyes again.


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