Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Scenario Two

It has been two years since he left. Seasons have changed. That tree beside the river is blooming once again. Not a single leaf has remained. Flowers and new buds have perched on every part of its branch. And like that tree, I am doing just fine. Simply because I believe that time heals and when it passes by, new memories are created and those in the past remain in the past. However, I always believe that whatever I have committed myself to shall always remain a commitment, at least for me. What I vowed to God will never change. 

(phone rang) "I just came in. I am here in our usual spot. It's fine! Take your time. I brought my laptop, anyway. I can finish a few pages at least before you arrive. Okay, See you!" I ended the call and pulled out the laptop from my bag. I stood up and went to the counter and ordered my coffee. My coffee will be served, so  I went back to my table. Good thing this spot is somehow like a private area in the cafe. The interior made it look like a different room because of the display shelves that separate it from the main part of the cafe.  I started typing. I was on my third page when a familiar figure appeared in my peripheral view. I noticed my typing was slowed down and my heart started to beat strangely. I inhaled a bunch of air and let out a deep but slow breath. I did that several times. I didn't stop at what I was doing, though. I continued typing and glancing at my notes. I took the last sip of my coffee and my phone rang. "Where are you? Okay, please come." Now I have no choice but to cautiously go to the counter and order a refill and some macarons. Yet, lo and behold, he saw me. I saw his face fall into a shock and some colors fled from it. I just nod at him and went back to my spot, secretly praying that he won't approach my table. Yet again, my prayers were never answered. As soon as I was seated, he stood up and went his way in my direction. My knees were losing it. Good thing I was sitting down. I was just continuing what I was doing when he arrived at my spot. "Can I sit here?" he asked. His question seemed to just ring in my ears. I blurted, "Wait, what?" mindlessly in an annoyed tone. "Oh, sorry if I bothered you. This might not be a good time." He was caught off guard by my response and it came to me. "Oh, I'm sorry. Not at all. Not at all. You may sit there."  Silence overcame us. I can only hear the tapping sound of my keyboard and my heartbeat. I continued with what I was doing. I can feel the uneasiness in the air until he spoke in the most inaudible way that I cannot hear him. "Were you saying something?" I asked. 

" I was asking if you are waiting for someone."

"Oh, yes! I am waiting for Lizzie. and you? 

"I'm meeting someone here in (glanced at his watch) 30 minutes." 

"Oh, okay!" I responded and then took a sip of my coffee. I noticed his forehead furrowed then I realized that he saw the ring on my finger. I pretended not to notice his reaction and took another sip of my coffee. 

Then he cleared his throat as if he was choking on something. He stood and seemed that he didn't know what to do. He got out of his chair and was about to pace back to his table when I unknowingly stood up and asked, "Are you okay?" He turned back with his face looking confused. As if he mustered all his strength and returned to my table, then asked, "Why are you still wearing that ring?"

"I am certain, you know why. If you have forgotten about it, then I know you will remember." The irritation on his face was visible, though he seemed to understand what I meant. He gradually went back to his table still glancing at me from time to time. I felt uncomfortable, so I called Lizzie and canceled our meeting, and stormed out of the cafe.

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