Wednesday, March 02, 2022

An Unexpected Trip to Deja.Cafe

     Located in the home of the intensely hued, Pintados de Passi and is also known as "The Sweet City at The Heart of Panay", DEJA.CAFE is the right place to go if you are looking for an escape from a compact and congested milieu of the city, a venue for fellowships and endless chitchat with friends and groupies, a meet-up setting with a client, a rendezvous with your special someone, and endless of other possibilities. The owner might have orchestrated it to be a Christmas gift to the cafe-goers because the opening was set several days before Christmas.

     The location is accessible for the place is quite well-known to the Passinhons. The structure, both the interior and the exterior of the cafe is definite eye candy for photo influencers. The white curtains added to the overall ambiance of the cafe. The cafe radiates a cozy and homely comfortable feeling. Aside from the inside dining, you can also choose to be accommodated in their alfresco dining and the upper deck area. The food was delectably delicious in great and reasonable portions. I ordered their very own veggie salad, mushroom soup, and a mango shake since I am on a certain diet which later on I ignored when I tasted the iced premium coffee, so I deliberately ordered a  slice of carrot cake. The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly.

Also, for fur parents, the cafe is situated adjacent to a vet clinic, so it's a great place to wait while your fur babies are going through their usual checkups and grooming. I will definitely go back to try more on the menu which makes me look forward to it. Just like what it says on the door sign as you enter, it is indeed, the "best day ever."  

🚩Brgy. Sablogon across Passi Cockpit Arena, Passi City 5037 Passi, Philippines

How to commute: 
Iloilo City (jeepney/taxi) - Ceres Terminal (Passi Bus) - Passi Bus Stop (tricycle) - Deja.Cafe

 Iloilo City (jeepney/taxi) - Ceres Terminal (Roxas Bus) - Deja.Cafe (just provide the right location for you to disembark to the bus conductor)

Bus Fare: P80/pax

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