Sunday, February 21, 2021


 From the very start, I was completely drawn to sunflowers. More attracted compared to other flowers. It is definitely for the fact that it conveys very special meaning to me. Every sunflower represents every person who is unconditionally present in our lives. Sharing to us their light. Giving us a chance to bloom at our own pace.

Also like sunflowers, despite knowing we won't be here for long,  choose to live the brightest, boldest, strongest, and most resilient because we know that we can confidently bloom in the hands of God. 

Most especially,  you see, a sunflower always turns its face to the sun, even by the time the sun sets. Just like how we need to turn our face to the Son, Jesus Christ, and follow His example.

Be a sunflower. You are my sunflower. 

Note: I am not a cake person. It simply meant to be kept in my picture gallery. However, I took a small size and it was amazingly delicious. Though I didn't enjoy the cake so much , I made sure that it went to the special people who could actually enjoy it. 

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