Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One Summer Time

The warm breeze that envelops my skin.
The searing rays of the sun that make me turn red. 
The clear skies that unclutter my mind.
The blooming flowers that warm my heart. 
The itching will that wants me to wander. 
The one summertime that I want to remember.

Time is passing quickly. 
One day it was pouring, 
   and now the sun seems always at its midday placing.
Every day is like a deja vu.
The same feeling again and again. 
I don't know when and where it happened. 

This time I will try to consider;
  these things I couldn't remember. 
These things seem so important, 
   yet because of unfamiliarity, it went stagnant. 

I try to go some places, 
   maybe it could fill in the spaces. 
Places my feet are pulling me to go 
  and my heart is telling me to pursue.
I don't wanna let go, 
   these chances I have to continue.

In my mind I always have 
   vague pictures of moments in the sand. 
Moments my heart seems to know, 
  the truth I might have chosen to forgo.
And as the waves come ashore, 
  they too disappear for sure.

If I have one thing to ask from the summer genie
  For him to return the pieces of my memories to me
So that whatever those moments would lead me
  It might be sadness, happiness, sorrow or envy
As long as I have them with me
This one summertime would still be a great reminiscence to me.

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