Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When "One of those days" strikes

Are you having a bad day?
        Were there times that everything seems so out of line and incomprehensible? When we have problems and unfortunate events, we tend to complain and be overwhelmed by the bad situation we are in. We also tend to lose grip of our patience and be overpowered by negativity.
          In these times, I hope you remember Paul and Silas in the book of Acts when they were beaten, persecuted, and imprisoned. Despite their unexpected situation, they chose to worship and sing praises to God. In the midst of chaos in their life, they instead prayed and believed that GOD IS IN CONTROL. The sovereignty of God in their lives manifested and gave them the courage to face the trials.
         Sometimes it would only take such unshakable faith and endurance for us to overcome every trial and unfortunate event in our life. Having the courage to lift our voices to God and accept our situation wholeheartedly, no matter how difficult it is, would be the most appropriate thing to do. We just need to have the heart to endure every pain and hurt that goes along with the situation. Embrace the fact that God holds us in His hands and every event that He allows to happen is an opportunity for us to see His power and goodness.
          It is our choice how we respond to every situation. If we choose to believe, be excited because God will pour out His magnificent grace and power over us.
Worship is always a choice, a commitment, and a life-changing encounter.

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