Wednesday, September 25, 2019

V❤V in Iloilo City

It was a beautiful day on Friday the 13th. I never expected this day would come. Not in my million dreams. I used to imagine only meeting them in Manila. Yet, the fact that they came to my city was more than what I have imagined. I have known these two awesome ladies through Sharmaine. She loves pink and anything about Paris. She came through Verniece's Instagram feed and there's how it all started. I love their OOTDs and travel blogs until they got into Youtube. From then on I became a regular subscriber and came to know them well and love them more through their vlogs. VV&Co came into the limelight, they hit the entrepreneurial world by storm and it made them more known. No wonder why they are blessed in the momentum where they are right now. It is simply because these ladies represent themselves and their platform genuinely without any figment of the imagination. Though they look like they came out from a fiction book outwardly, yet the way they carry themselves and get along with everyone shows humility and passion towards inspiring others. Keep inspiring!

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