Roadtrippin' Solo: Anini Y, Antique

Traveling is enjoying the vastness and beauty of God's creations. It can be done with a group of friends, family, or even just by yourself.

I have been imagining traveling alone, so when I got the chance, I immediately planned it out. I came up with taking a road trip. I decided to have a three-hour trip to Antique. I was very excited, though I heard some unsupportive views from some people, yet it didn't deter me from pursuing my objectives.
 Those objectives are very undemanding since this will be the first. I didn't expect much and I didn't completely plan for everything. It was just a one-day trip, so I would have to head back home in the afternoon after I tick off all of the things that I have to do.

Traveling with friends might be very enjoyable, yet doing it alone can unwrap essential and rewarding things you'll experience all throughout the journey. First in line is OVERCOMING THE BATTLE WITH YOUR FEARS AND INSECURITIES ALONG THE WAY. This could be a big deal if it is the first time for you to travel alone. But of course, fear is a normal response when you think of this trip or any other trips. You'll have the fear of what's ahead of you and what could happen to you on this trip. Of course, instead of overcrowding your mind about these fears, the purpose of the travel still weighs heavier. At the end of the day, you'll realize that this trip has helped you to even forget all those fears and insecurities. Next up, THE GROWTH OF CONFIDENCE. This kind of adventure would be helpful to boost your trust in yourself and be able to realize that you can eventually survive being alone. Through this, you will discover your own capabilities that were overshadowed when you were with your circle of friends. This time you'll be more confident to accept your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. MEETING INTERESTING PEOPLE is another perk of traveling alone. Your travel experience would not be complete if you haven't spoken any word to a local or anyone in the area. There is a high probability that you'll definitely have a convo with anyone. It can be a bus or trike driver, a vendor, a passerby, or any local around. If you are ready to embrace these possibilities, you can start to embark on any solo trips. 
The Anini y Church is located in the town proper.~~It is a massive white coral baroque style church which is dedicated to San Juan Nepomucemo. It is a single rectangular level and a triangular pediment with a niche in the center, flanked by two rose-windows and ending upon finials. A breathtaking façade of the church is composed of two central pilasters divided into three equal sections. Rosette edges the upper part of the main entrance; the same pattern adorned the other openings and niches of the façade and side walls. Two stained niches are found on the main entrance and are topped by two identical rose windows.
Anini-y, officially the Municipality of Anini-y is a municipality in the province of Antique in the Western Visayas (Region VI) of the Philippines. As for my trip, I took a van from Iloilo City instead of taking the bus, because buses were not available during that time. After almost two hours of travel, I finally set my foot on my destination. Upon arriving at the town proper, I immediately saw the Anini y Church. I carried on with my first goal of the trip, which is of course to take photos of the church. After I got satisfied with the pictures I took, I tried to look around. I noticed that there was not much in the town. There wasn't any convenience store in sight, just a few carinderias. Since I arrived at around one o'clock, I felt a little nudge from my physiological system. I tried to look for something to munch, yet I found nothing satisfying, so I decided to get myself a cup of ice cream to hype myself up.

Siraan, Anini-y: The Hot Spring on a Cliff by the Sea (TheLightTraveler)
It kept me going until I decided to continue my course at Sira-an Hot Spring Resort. The mountain resort was a great place for peace
and quiet seekers. You can enjoy dipping yourself either in their numerous pools or at the calm beach. You can as well take
yourself into a little adventure by trekking into the rocky cliffs - I'm not talking about innards blowing cliffs, just cliffs. I had fun goofing around those parts of the resort. The resort is in fact the jump station to Nogas Island which was the original purpose why I went to Siraan, yet the weather and the sea current didn't cooperate much so, I was not able to go across. The island has become a hopeful view from the resort. I have nothing else to go that's why I decided to stay. I let myself be entertained by the sound of serenity which was brought by the surroundings and the waves which kept on splashing the rocky shore.

On this road-tripping solo, I came up to the point that in traveling, one just has to be open-minded and be moments grabbers. We just have to adapt and accept what the place has to offer to us. In that way, we can fully experience the gift of fun and learning every trip has in store for us. Though I haven't checked off all of my goals, yet it didn't disappoint me at all because I achieved the main goal of the trip that is to gain a new perspective. It was still an accomplished trip after all. Till the next road tripping experiences. =) CARPE DIEM!

Take note: The resort has a spacious bar and restaurant where they served various food choices. There are several pools, too. The large slide is still under construction.
There are several huts available both for day-trippers and overnighters. Rates start at Php150.00 for the former and Php600.00 good for 4 persons for the latter. 
Day-trippers only you just have to pay Php20.00  for the entrance fee. Very affordable, although locals have it better since they have a Php5.00 discount. Not really the mystic resort you might have imagined, but by being open-minded it's the best it could offer.

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  1. Did you stay po ba sa Sira-an? How much po ang accommodation?