Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Ode to my Father

When I think of the word father, gratefulness always swells out from my heart.

Among all other people
To you, I am most thankful
We all have human tendencies
so you too have had your own struggles, weaknesses, and challenges
The tears you've shed
The disappointment you've received
Your heart that has been broken
Yet I’ve always known
In the depths of my soul
That you’ve been there for me
The times you have carried me both literally and figuratively
Even your imperfections
has given me realizations
In my destination
they're something I can hold on to.
Your inner strength is amazing
Your determination is inspiring
Your sharpness is so impressive
Your simplemindedness brings joy and laughter
Your generosity brings tears to my eyes
You gave me the chances
Have the means to sprout, grow and bloom
May God answer my prayers
That you would always be well
That to Him you will always ask counsel
In everything you decide
He will always be your guide
What I have done  for you will always be not at par with what you have done for me
God knows surely the time to repay
I have said it many times and today I will say it again
Thank you and I love you, my dearest Tatay!


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