Thursday, March 07, 2024

Mirror, Mirror

 In the gentle echo of a whispered conversation,

Where words find solace in mutual fascination,

There lies a wondrous phenomenon, sweet and rare,

Where two souls align in a symphony of shared affair.

It's in the subtlety of his smile, the glint in his eye,

When he discovers my passions, he doesn't deny.

For in the depths of his listening, a treasure he finds,

A glimpse into the world that occupies my mind.

When he likes what I like because he heard it from me,

It's as if he's opened a door, inviting me to see,

That in the realm of our interests, there's room to explore,

A landscape of wonder and discovery galore.

He takes my words not as mere passing breeze,

But as whispers of truth, as gentle pleas,

To delve into the realms that ignite my flame,

To share in the joy, to play in the same game.

It's not just the objects, the books, or the art,

But the essence of connection that sets us apart.

For in his mirrored admiration, I find a kindred soul,

Whose heart beats in rhythm with mine, making me whole.

In his willingness to embrace what I hold dear,

I see the depth of his care, crystal clear.

For it's not about the things, but the bond we share,

In the moments of likeness, in the love that's there.

So when he likes what I like because he heard it from me,

It's a testament to the magic that's meant to be.

For in his mirrored affection, I find my guide,

Navigating life's journey, side by side.

Through laughter and tears, through joy and strife,

His mirrored likes are a reflection of life.

And in the symphony of our shared affection,

We find solace, we find connection.

So here's to the beauty of mirrored delight,

To the dance of souls in the quiet of night.

For in his mirrored likes, I see a love that's true,

A love that echoes my own, in all that we do.

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