Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sudden Indifference

In the quiet of twilight's embrace,

A story unfolds, a somber grace.

When he, with silent steps, does part,

Leaving behind a fractured heart.

Once entwined in a tapestry of dreams,

Now torn asunder, or so it seems.

His departure whispers secrets untold,

Leaving me stranded, shivering, and cold.

In the corridors of memory's maze,

His presence fades, lost in the haze.

No longer familiar, his face grown strange,

A specter haunting the winds of change.

Gone are the days of laughter and light,

Now swallowed by the depths of night.

Left to wander in this realm alone,

A stranger in a world once known.

Yet amidst the ache, a flicker ignites,

A flame of resilience amidst the nights.

For though he's left, I'll find my way,

Reclaiming my voice, come what may.

So let him go, let him fade into mist,

For in his absence, I shall persist.

No longer defined by his departure's sting,

I'll rise anew, a phoenix taking wing.

In the quiet echo of fading whispers,

He chose a path diverging from mine,

A journey onward, leaving me behind,

In the shadowed corners of his past.

Once, his gaze traced constellations in my eyes,

A universe of shared dreams and whispered hopes,

But now, his attention drifts like autumn leaves,

Scattered, forgotten in the winds of change.

His footsteps falter, straying from our familiar path,

Leaving me stranded in the silence of his absence,

Like a forgotten verse in an unwritten poem,

Lost amidst the pages of time's relentless march.

I linger in the spaces where his presence once danced,

A ghost of memories haunting empty rooms,

Longing for the warmth of his gaze,

Yet finding only the chill of indifference.

But in the quiet of this solitude,

I find strength in the echoes of my own voice,

For I am more than a footnote in his story,

I am the author of my own journey's arc.

Though he may choose to move on,

Leaving me like a stranger in his tale,

I will forge ahead with unwavering resolve,

Writing my own narrative, bold and free. 

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